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About US

Kunshan Soulking Electronic Industry Co., Ltd
Kunshan Soulking Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., located in Kunshan City, one of the top 100 counties and cities, was established in 2011. It has more than 4000 square meters of standardized storage, focuses on high-quality wind turbine sales, and provides more than 10000 kinds of spot inventory. It is an authorized agent for the German ebmpapst brand, capable of providing complete technical services and solutions to new and old customers.
In order to meet customers' demands for shorter delivery times and higher service requirements for imported fans, we have been committed to establishing professional channels for imported fans since its inception. Through good communication and cooperation with the original factory and its own strong inventory system, we have established an integrated distribution, warehousing, and information based operation system to provide customers with the fastest and convenient product and service support!
The approved customer service team and the company's customer service personnel have many years of customer service experience. Existing customers include listed companies such as Foxconn, Sushi Experimental, Shenhua Group, Sichuang Electronics, and China Railway. As a multi-year contract supplier of Formosa Plastics Group, we can provide flexible and flexible services for different types of customers!